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The Power of Storytelling with Video

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Marketing Manager Ben Eltham explains the beginnings of his career as a videographer and how he is using video to tell the story of Iconic Project Management.

See how Ben used video to showcase our apprenticeship scheme

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A career in video production

Last month I talked about the evolution of marketing, and the rise of content creators, who have changed the way businesses approach digital advertising. Many sectors are changing staff, creating new roles, and seeking new spaces to advertise.

Using social media channels to garner likes, shares and video retention has become essential to implementing a successful marketing campaign, and influencers and content creators have become a high commodity.

I have always had an interest in filming, and like many people, had several camcorders back in the noughties, which spent more time at the back of the draw than they did in my hand! I never remembered to take one out, always regretted it and continuously promised myself I would use it more.

It wasn’t until 2010, when I bought my first mirrorless camera, that I realised I had a desire to create content. I volunteered to take photos at a friend’s wedding and created a short video of my work!

Little did I know at the time, that dropping photos into a template and adding a Take That song to the timeline, would be the first step in a career in video production.

The timeless power of storytelling

Fast forward to 2023, and I have invested thousands of hours, more money than I’d like to think about…and endless efforts to learn, improve and expand my knowledge of content creation. The landscape is ever-changing, with new trends, styles, and ways to consume.

It can be daunting, impossible, and even sometimes bizarre (think people dancing and cat videos). But one thing that has always remained constant, is the power of storytelling.

Just like the wedding in 2010, it is the way that you plan and tell your story that will resonate with your audience. This idea has always been at the front of my mind over the past fifteen years, and one that was especially prominent when putting together the Iconic marketing strategy; Lizzie and Darren’s journey: the Iconic Story.

Like all marketing teams, our objective and focus is to support the business in increasing revenue. We all look to quick wins, asking ourselves that age old question; what is the biggest bang for our buck? How can we spend the least to get the most? Life is busy, work is hectic and there is always too much to do.

So how do you keep your focus? Remember the power of storytelling and stay true to your business’s core values.

a clapboard in front of a plain blue background. The text on it says ‘What’s your story’

The honest answer is that there is always a balance. But I’ve never let go of the values I hold, believe in, and have brought me so much success during the past twenty years. One of the greatest attributes you can have in life is to be brave. Never compromise on what you believe in and have faith in the vision you set out to achieve.

My approach to marketing will always be to tell the story. What makes this business special? Why would people want to work with us? What can we do for them? Iconic is an incredible story, and we have already begun to tell the world.

One of the first videos I worked on was Iconic’s apprenticeship scheme. Whenever you speak to our CEO, Lizzie, you can’t help but be consumed by her desire to help and support people. Iconic are about to recruit their third apprentice in just over twelve months, and it means the world to Lizzie and the business.

We are supporting two football teams in the local community, Binfield FC and Laurel Park FC. We have just finished filming our second visit to see how the Laurel Park under seven girls are getting on. It was a pleasure to work on the video, seeing the difference such a small gesture can make to so many people, and seeing just how much it meant to Lizzie.

This is a fast-growing business that has already worked with so many big clients, achieved so much and continues to perform at the highest level. It is also a family business, with the biggest heart, a desire to always do the right thing, and never compromising on belief and values.

Over the next few months, we are going to film the Iconic Story. It was one of the first notes I made during my very first week. We live in a world full of choices. A desire to find authenticity in everything we do, watch, and consume. Iconic Project Management is authentic, a true story, and one that you’ll enjoy.

Watch the video: : learn how much supporting the local community means to CEO Lizzie


Photo of Ben Eltham, Iconic's Margeting Manager

Ben Eltham

Ben is Marketing Manager at Iconic Project Management. Ben is a digital marketing professional with over 20 years of experience in the industry. As a specialist in digital content creation and filmmaking, he can create innovative and engaging content in any sector.

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