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Who are you and how can you help me?

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

So, what exactly do you do?

Here at Iconic Project Management, our purpose is to provide outstanding project management for construction projects across the retail, leisure, hospitality and commercial sectors; delivering our clients’ perfect premises, on time and on budget. Guaranteed.

Our service is broken down into four main areas: project management, programme management, management contracting and commercial support.

‘That’s all very well,’ we hear you say, ‘but what exactly does it mean?’ We want you to have the best possible outcome for your project and that means you need to be able to make informed choices. We hope that this article will help you to understand precisely what we do and to decide if our help is something you need.

We are specialists in construction projects across all commercial sectors. That means we can deliver projects such as high street shops, supermarkets, offices, gyms, restaurants, hotels, etc and everything in between. We don’t just handle new-build projects either; we can take care of minor works across your property portfolio or do one-off interior projects such as a shop fit-out or office refurbishment.

Why do I need a project manager?

If your project falls into our area of expertise, how do you know which level of service you need? Let’s take a closer look:

Project Management

If you have one single project in mind, our project management service is right for you. This will take your project every step of the way, from the very early days of being just an idea, through to signing off your completed project. Although we would advise that engaging a project manager your project’s inception will probably result in a better outcome, you can bring one in at any stage of the project process.

With our project management service, you may choose to use your own preferred contractors to carry out your build and that is perfectly OK. Team work is one of the core values of Iconic Project Management; we consider every single person working on a project to be part of our team, whether they were employed by us or not.

Iconic Project Management

Programme Management

Programme management applies the same skills and process as project management. The only difference is that programme management is for more than one individual project. Whether you have a small, local retail business with two shops to fit out or whether you’re a major, international restaurant brand building a new restaurant in every town of the UK, our programme management will ensure that every project is delivered consistently and successfully.

Programme Management at Iconic

Management Contracting

Management contracting is where we supply and manage all the trades that your build requires. If you’ve already decided what you want to build and got your planning permission, you may just want somebody to come along and turn your plans into reality. If you have already engaged us for project management at the outset of your project process, but don’t want to employ contractors directly, you can choose management contracting as an add-on. With our established, nationwide supply chain, we can deliver your project for you, wherever you are.

Management Contracting at Iconic

Commercial Support

Commercial support is everything that helps you manage your project’s money. It includes, amongst other things, budgeting, procurement, valuations, contractual management, close out and final accounting. All these functions exist within project management but there could be an occasion where you only need the commercial support. For example, you may be largely managing your project yourself but could do with some extra support to help you keep on budget.

Commercial support at Iconic

Whatever the size and scope of your project, and whatever stage your project is at, if you are in the retail, leisure, hospitality or commercial sectors, we can help you. Our range of services mean that we can give you exactly the right level of support you need. If you think your project would benefit from our expertise, please get in touch.


Elizabeth Hewitt

Director of Marketing at Iconic Project Management Limited. We specialise in retail, leisure and commercial construction.

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