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Improving the construction industry, providing opportunity


Our purpose is to make the construction industry a space that offers opportunity, in which people can be proud to work.

"Tabindah (our main contact), Mike and Rachel have been excellent. I’ve recommended Iconic to other development managers at my company."

- Retail Development Client

The construction industry has a reputation problem and we are on a mission to change that. We are proud of the work that we do and don’t want to be associated with the fraud, sharp practice and modern slavery that tarnish our sector. We strive to be a shining example of what a construction company should be. Here’s how that helps our clients, our colleagues, and the whole of the construction industry.

The best construction company in the world for our clients

Iconic Project Management exists to help our clients turn their construction plans into reality. It goes without saying that our clients are our number one focus; we love solving their problems and delivering their projects. What we love even more is to delight our clients by exceeding their expectations.


Everyone has a horror story of that building contractor who over-promised and under-delivered. It’s almost considered standard practice to under-quote in order to secure contracts but we think that’s counter-productive. 


Almost all our work comes from recommendations from people we’ve worked with in the past. The reason that they are happy to recommend us is not necessarily that we quote the lowest prices and the shortest delivery times but we can be relied on to deliver what was agreed, by the agreed date.

this Boden store at Westfield White City was delivered on time, on budget and on brief.

We have a four point promise to our clients which we believe should be the gold standard across the construction industry:

On time

Controlling your construction project timeline is critically important. Projects that are delivered late can cause additional cost and an enormous amount of inconvenience. Our project managers are trained to produce realistic project management plans so you can be assured that the timeline quoted is achievable. Because we strive to be the best construction company in the world to work for (more on that in a minute), our team really will go the extra mile to get the project delivered on time


On budget

Spiralling construction project costs are our client’s number one fear and can keep you awake at night. We believe that you should expect your project to stay within the agreed budget. We will help you to set a realistic budget, and make sure the project delivery team stays within it. Click here to learn about controlling construction costs.


On brief

We believe that your completed construction project should not only be what you want but will be what you really need. We  will work with you to develop your brief so that it fulfils all your requirements. Read more about our approach to developing a brief.



You have the right to expect us to deliver what we promised, when we promised it, and for the agreed price. We’re confident that our sustainable approach to pricing and realistic project planning works. If we get it wrong, we will put it right.

this commercial kitchen fit out project was delivered on time, on budget and on brief.

The best construction company in the world to work for


We believe that, in order to be the best construction company in the world for our clients, we must also be the best construction company in the world to work for. We attract and keep the best people because we go out of our way to treat them with fairness, respect and cooperation. 


We love our in-house team members. We really believe that they are the best of the best and we know they share our vision of what we can become. We want them to stay at the top of their game so we focus on their personal and professional development, making sure we give them all the tools they need to have the career of their dreams. You can take a look at our careers page to find out more about what we do to nurture our in-house team. 

Listen to Lizzie talk about raising the reputation of the construction industry as a guest on The Good Employer Podcast. 


We take pains to look after our subcontractors just as well.


Our caring attitude towards our subcontractors benefits our clients. We are able to attract the best tradespeople and they make us their priority because they love working for us.

a smiling contractor on a building site is giving the thumbs up.

Timely payment


We work with lots of subcontractors. Many of them are small family businesses, just like Iconic, and some of them are sole traders. We understand just how vital timely payment is to them. A late payment might mean that someone can’t pay their mortgage or feed their children. The majority of small businesses that go bust, do so because of late payments.


Iconic Project Management promises to always pay invoices by the agreed deadline.


Sustainable pricing


When negotiating with subcontractors, we look for best value rather than lowest price. We want to know that the subcontractor will share our commitment to delivering on time, on budget  and on brief. We need to know that they’ll show up when they’re needed and produce quality work. 


A policy of sustainable pricing means that our subcontractors earn enough to live. We believe that it reduces the temptation to cut corners too. This in turn reduces the likelihood of health and safety breaches that can lead to accidents.


Help where it’s needed


Some of our subcontractors are sole traders. They don’t always have access to the best advice on how to manage the business side of their enterprise; they might be a world-class plumber but don’t know how to raise an invoice that complies with HMRC’s Construction Industry Scheme rules. They might want some advice on how to use Excel to keep track of their expenses.


We are always happy to share whatever knowledge we have. If we don’t have the answers ourselves, we’re always willing to share our contacts to get the right help in the right place. We want our suppliers to have businesses that are stable and efficient. It’s better for them and it’s better for us.

Sometimes, our colleagues in the construction industry need a bit more support than we can give them ourselves. Luckily, The Lighthouse Club exists to offer members of the construction community, and their families, emotional, physical and financial support. We are extremely proud to be supporting this fantastic charity. If you, or someone you know, needs help, please click here for Help Inside the Hard Hat.

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It’s only possible to be the best if you know what your strengths and weaknesses are. We are always trying to do better but are reliant on honest feedback to guide us. If you’d like to tell us what we did really well, what we could do better, or what we should stop doing, please leave us a review.

two construction workers gaze, arm in arm, towards the sunset
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