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A Cure For Your Headache

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Are minor construction works causing you a headache? We have the cure.

When you are responsible for a property portfolio, a chain of shops or restaurants for example, dealing with minor works across your sites can be a source of constant irritation. If all you need is a wall painting in Ipswich and changing your signage in Southampton, you can’t get your main contractor to take an interest. On the other hand, you may not have the time or local knowledge needed to source the relevant trades directly.

Iconic Project Management can solve your problems.

Minor works can be a headache. Let Iconic Project Management ease your burden

With minor works, all those little tasks that seem to crop up with annoying regularity, the procurement process can be disproportionately complicated. This isn’t because the jobs are complicated in size and scope, but because they involve multiple trades in multiple locations; you’re not consistently buying the same thing. None of the works is big enough to interest a main contractor but it’s too much to entrust to a local handyman. If your properties are geographically widespread, you may not have the local knowledge to find that handyman anyway.

Even if you know a local ‘man in a van’ there will always be some elements of the work that he either can’t do or doesn’t want to do. He may subcontract those things but chances are he won’t have the relationships in place to fulfil all your needs at the point you need it.

Let us ease your burden

In addition to the difficulty of finding the right trade when you need it, it’s hard to negotiate the best prices. You don’t have scalability.

Imagine the relief you would feel if you could just delegate the problem. We can lift this burden from your shoulders.

We have dedicated people to manage minor works. They have all the knowledge and a proven process to follow. Your minor projects will be delivered smoothly and effortlessly.

Our supply network covers all the trades across the whole country. This means that you have access to the right service across multiple locations, wherever they may be, and your works will be delivered quickly.

Because we buy from our network all the time, we are able to secure a better price point. Our scalability gives you better value than you would be able to negotiate directly.

Minor works don’t need to cause you a headache.

The Iconic process means we can deliver on time and on budget. Guaranteed. Give us a call.

Minor works can be a headache. Let Iconic Project Management ease your burden


Elizabeth Hewitt Director of Marketing at Iconic Project Management Limited. We specialise in retail, leisure and commercial construction.

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