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Spectacular High Tech Office Refurb Completed On Time

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

The Challenge

New start-up companies in Shoreditch, London have a fantastic asset provided for free by our client, a Global Technology Giant. It's a serviced office with desk space and business facilities. Our client also gives the start-ups free expert help, delivered by their staff who are also on site. 

The décor of this five-storey building was beginning to look a little tired. The client decided to do a full refurbishment of four of the floors, to take advantage of the inevitable disruption that always comes with improvements. Their challenge: to make better use of the space and install the latest technology to boost staff productivity.

The Project

Iconic’s Darren Hewitt was appointed as Project Manager and Employers Agent to oversee the whole project. He managed the contractor, the professional team, and internal suppliers for the client. This included AV engineering, IT, food and security.

A wealth of improvements was ordered to enhance the appeal and functionality of the building, providing a mixture of office space and facilities. The total budget of the project was £1.8M. It was to be delivered in just 11 weeks.

Innovative Design

From the street, the first improvement you can see is the new entrance with new doors, fire exit, and improved accessibility. This leads up new steps into the reception area which we have significantly improved.

There is a new reception desk, new branding, and a spectacular interactive display wall. It even has bike storage within the reception, which makes it something of a feature! Previously it was hidden away. 


Also on the ground floor there's an impressive multimedia events space. This is laid out as a formal presentation auditorium with fabric dressing, improved acoustics and lighting and a fabulous LED tiled wall. In total there's around £500k worth of new technology.

Stylish Offices

Each of the office floors have been refurbished to provide a mixture of space and facilities. Every floor has lounge space, office space and meeting rooms. We have removed the tired old kitchenette and telephone booths, and replaced them with a stylish kitchenette/bar. All appliances are built-in and hidden away apart from the sink. The space was previously quite enclosed but now it feels very open.

New Facilities

The building now has a second events space, which has been set up with softer furnishings. This makes it comfortable for workshop presentations. There is also a large classroom, a breakout space and a library.

Privacy and Security

In addition to providing their residents with first class facilities, some of our client's own employees are housed in the building. They need their own privacy and security. We achieved this by partitioning the 2nd floor with a glass wall, beyond which is our client’s own space. The desks are laid out according to the client’s own specifications and even the acoustics have been engineered to provide adequate privacy. This area also provides several global video conferencing rooms.

Keeping Everyone Happy

Before the project started last summer, the building was unoccupied. This would have been the ideal time to carry out the works, but we had to wait until the design was ready. When it was, the building had residents once again.

We were going  to relocate the residents to one of the floors not undergoing refurbishment. However even with this move, disruption and noise were too much for them to bear. So we decided to move them to a temporary office nearby. This extra work threatened to delay the project but we managed to accelerate the implementation and get the job done on time.


A final thought from Darren: "Embracing new technology can often risk delays. With flexibility and good teamwork there is usually a way of getting things back on track. That's why we always use experienced project managers who know their stuff."


Elizabeth Hewitt

Director of Marketing at Iconic Project Management Limited. We specialise in retail, leisure and commercial construction: building or refurbishing your perfect premises.

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