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Iconic Project Management appointed by Poke House to build 50 new restaurants

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

A typical interior of a Poke House restaurant fit out project

Iconic Project Management are proud to announce that we are appointed construction project managers for Poke House who are looking to expand their restaurant business across the UK.

Building new restaurants across the UK.

Europe’s most popular poke bowl chain, Poke House, already has 55 restaurants across Italy, Spain, Portugal and France. The acquisition of the Ahi Poke brand marked the launch of Poke House in the UK and three restaurants have already been refurbished in the distinctive Poke House style. If you want to get a delicious poke bowl right now, the new restaurants in London’s Spitalfields, Portobello Road and Victoria are open for business.

Poke House plan a major expansion in the UK over the next couple of years. With a programme to fit out around 50 new locations, you’re sure to find one of their visually striking restaurants on your high street soon. The design concept transports guests to California for an ‘endless summer courtesy of a multisensory experience - filled with Cali-House music, exotic pastel décor, San Diego art, cacti, L.A. street art neon lights and importantly fresh, healthy vibrant food’.

Exterior of the newly refurbished Poke House restaurant in Portobello Road, London

Coordinating construction projects.

As construction project managers for this restaurant fit out programme, Iconic Project Management are responsible for coordination of the design and project delivery. This means that we will work with the appointed architect, Brown Studio, to make sure that all the necessary drawings are produced in accordance with the programme. We will then work with the main contractor to make sure that every restaurant is built on time and on budget.

We’re really excited to help bring this vibrant new restaurant brand to the UK. To keep up to date with the progress of these construction projects, sign up to our newsletter here:

you can look forward to a delicious poke bowl from a newly built Poke House restaurant


Elizabeth Hewitt.

Lizzie is CEO at Iconic Project Management, taking care of the running of the business so that the project managers can get on with the important job of managing projects. Check her out on LinkedIn or say hi on Twitter @captainlizzo.

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