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Best construction project management companies to work for

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

There are many great construction project management companies, so how do you know you’re choosing the right company to work for? Iconic project manager Janet tells us how.

a project manager wears high-vis and a hard hat, behind her another project manager discusses the construction project with the clients

What size construction projects do you want to work on?

One of the first things to consider is the size of the company you want to work for. Some project managers like being a small part of a big machine. They enjoy working on the major projects that often get awarded to the bigger companies based on their portfolios and the high number of resources available. With large companies, a project manager may find themselves working on one single project for a number of years.

Other project managers like to work for smaller companies. Smaller companies are more often able to offer employees a sense of camaraderie and a strong feeling of being part of a team. With smaller construction companies, a project manager will most likely get to work on a number of projects simultaneously and see them through from start to finish. You don’t often get to do that with the larger projects or programmes.

What work environment suits you best?

It is important to identify what type of company atmosphere you enjoy working in.

Do you like working with a small team on a day to day basis? Are you happiest working remotely on a project where you have little involvement with the company in general, besides receiving a pay cheque? The wonderful thing about construction project management companies is that there’s something for everyone.

Having decided that I’d be happiest working for one of the smaller, more personable construction companies, here are some of the reasons why I chose to work at Iconic Project Management.

working from anywhere: a smiling man works at his laptop while floating in a rubber ring in the ocean

A small, but growing, construction project management company

The fact that Iconic is a new, small, family run business was an important consideration factor for me. Iconic Project Management was established by husband and wife team, Darren and Lizzie, in 2018. Their reputation for delivering projects on time, on budget and on brief began to spread, and they began to be awarded some major construction projects. This allowed them to expand the team, from just one person in early 2021, to five people just a year later.

Here we are in the third quarter of 2022 and Iconic Project Management employs 8 members of staff in a variety of capacities such as Project Managers, Assistant Project Manager, Office Manager, Quantity Surveyor Apprentice, IT manager. The team is still growing! This means that, although I get to work in a small team, where everyone knows each other, there’s opportunity to progress. My career can grow with the business.

Bosses and Backgrounds

Having previous experience working in a toxic environment, it was essential that I knew and understood my employers and their expectations before accepting any job offers. This was not a problem at Iconic. From the first phone call, to the first day of work, I was made to feel comfortable with both Lizzie and Darren. I knew that applying for the role of project manager at Iconic was the right decision.

Darren Hewitt is the Director of Project Management and our fearless leader. Darren has over 20 years experience in the construction industry and is full of knowledge which he loves sharing with the rest of the team. I for one am extremely grateful for the continued training and support he provides his employees.

Lizzie Hewitt is the CEO of Iconic Project Management. Lizzie puts a vast amount of effort into growing Iconic Project Management as a business and ensuring that all employees are happy and safe at work. She’s always there to provide any support that may be required, whether it’s career development or personal development.

owners of Iconic Project Management, Lizzie and Darren, smile at the camera

Projects and Clients

Iconic Project Management are very proud to work with some great clients and they maintain close professional relationships with all of their stakeholders. Their scope of work ranges from a new build university accommodation block to restaurant fit out projects, and their services cover everything in between.

As Iconic continue to grow their project portfolio, it provides more opportunity to expand their network of contractors, suppliers and manufactures. This in turn increases the range of projects to be undertaken and almost guarantees the career progression and development of their project managers and all other employees.

Career Development

Training and development is a big part of being a successful project manager, so it was essential that I chose a project management company that would allow me to continue to grow, both professionally and personally. Iconic Project Management not only agree to further career development, but encourage it by providing courses in any area of training that may be required. Employees are asked to create a list of any training courses or workshops they would like to attend and Iconic endeavour to make it happen.

Iconic takes pride in striving to be known as ‘THE best construction project management company to work for’ and is taking positive steps to becoming that company.

Iconic don’t only hire experienced Project Managers; they also have a degree apprenticeship scheme which allows them to hire people at the very beginning of their career. They train and develop them with on the job learning, and support them through their studies with the University College of Estate Management.

 infographic with contact information for the Lighthouse Club construction industry charity

Help where it’s needed

At Iconic, it is an important part of company culture to give back to the community as well as the construction industry. Iconic are company supporters of the Lighthouse Club construction industry charity which provides many areas of support for people working in the construction industry from legal advice to mental health support.

Deciding which project management company to work for is a personal choice, it’s where we spend a third of our lives so it’s important to work in an environment that is safe, healthy, happy and supportive of your career goals.

If you would like to carry out some research on employers, you can visit where you’ll find reviews about companies and salaries.


Janet Evans.

Janet is a construction management professional from South Wales and has been working in the construction industry for 15 years both in the UK and internationally. Janet gained her Master’s degree in Project Management (Construction & Infrastructure) in 2014 and has worked with contractors, as well as on the client side of projects.

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