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Microsoft Excel and Project shortcuts to make life easier

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Do you want to make your work even more efficient? In this short article, we give you some helpful shortcuts that will make using Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project that bit quicker.

a construction project manager uses Microsoft Excel on his laptop.

Working as project managers in the construction industry, we make a lot of use of software such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project. To be able to use these tools with the greatest efficiency, we need the shortcut keys to increase our productivity.

If you use these software packages, you can increase your productivity by using the shortcut keys too. We’ve put this cheat sheet together so that you have all the most commonly used shortcuts in one place.

To begin with, you must be able to identify the keys needed for the shortcuts, these keys are as follows:





The shortcut keys all complete very simple tasks that will help improve your efficiency and productivity on Microsoft Excel and Project software. It is important to know the shortcuts because it will allow you to do more with the software than you imagined.

The most useful shortcuts are:

  • Copy (Control + C)

  • Paste (Control + V)

  • Cut (Control + X)

  • Save (Control + S)

  • Print (Control + P)

  • Save As (Control + F4)

  • Undo Last Action (Control + Z)

  • Select All (Control + A)

  • Select Row - Excel (Shift + Spacebar)

  • Select Column – Excel (Control + Spacebar)

These shortcuts will allow you to be able to fill out forms faster, create excel documents quicker and make Project files more efficiently.

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Oscar Hewitt

Oscar is our first degree apprentice. He has recently completed A-levels in Philosophy and Ethics, History and Business. He is studying with UCEM towards BSc (hons) in Construction Management with MRICS. When completed he will achieve his ambition of becoming a chartered surveyor.

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