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Minor construction works: refreshing car park line marking at Blackwood Business Park

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

freshly painted white lines in the car park read ‘no HGVs beyond this point’. The improvements we made to this car park have increased safety for the users.

Last year we carried out a minor project to refresh the line marking of the car park at Blackwood Business Park, Pontllanfraith.

Our client is a facilities management company and Iconic Project Management carry out minor construction works on their behalf at sites across the UK.

We’re currently working with this business on over 25 projects, helping them to deliver a total facilities management service to their clients.

Faded car park markings are a safety hazard.

the white lines in the car park were so faded they were barely visible. They were in urgent need of a repaint

The car park at Blackwood Business Park was being used by both customers and employees of the businesses based there.

As you can see from this picture, the parking lines were faded and in some places were barely visible. This had the potential to cause confusion when people tried to use the car park. They couldn’t tell which way to drive or where to park safely and legally.

Our client provides facilities management services to Blackwood Business Park and they asked us to carry out the work. We’ve worked with them on numerous similar small construction projects, so they trust us to deliver the works on time, on budget, and without any hassle for themselves.

Working on a live site without annoying anybody.

Blackwood Business Park is a busy place with lots of vehicles coming and going. It wasn’t practical to close the car park for the day to complete the project and it would have been difficult to justify doing the works out of hours due to the additional cost.

We made sure we worked with all the tenants to manage the building works without causing unacceptable disruption. We completed small sections of the car park at a time which meant that there was always plenty of parking available.

Bright white lines make the car park safer.

he disabled bays are clearly marked now. This makes it easier for people to park safely and legally

In total, we painted the lines of 87 standard parking bays and 2 hatched disabled bays. We also painted speed limit markings, double yellow lines, and ‘No HGVs Beyond This Point. We made sure the location of the lines were marked with bright white or yellow paint as appropriate.

As the lines are a lot more visible now, this reduces any confusion about how people should drive around and where they should park. It also means that staff do not get blocked in by other vehicles that have parked incorrectly. By making these improvements we have made the area a lot safer for the business park’s customers and employees.

This was one of those great projects where everything went smoothly. The line technician had no real difficulties with the lines and they went down with ease. The work was carried out without inconveniencing the users of the car park and our client was very happy with the end result.

Click here to read more about minor construction works.

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Elizabeth Hewitt.

Lizzie is CEO at Iconic Project Management, taking care of the running of the business so that the project managers can get on with the important job of managing projects.

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